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ClassDojo Review

ClassDojo is an online platform that manages the development, behavior, and interaction of students in a class. Launched in 2011 in San Francisco, it is used now in 180 countries. But we insist on reading this article before you download Class Dojo.

Three Profiles, Assessment Points, and Data Safety (4/5)

Created for children from pre-kindergarten to eighth school grade, Class Dojo has three kinds of profiles: for teachers, students, and their parents. The app is free of charge. During the class, teachers can add or deduct points called dojos for positive and negative values. Parents get notified about the misbehavior or appraisal of their children right away through the same app. Though at first sight, the platform seems to be an almost ideal alternative to a real classroom, there are some issues to consider.

The first problem is that negative results go public, which may affect sensitive kids, and according to some Class Dojo review feedbacks, it does happen. The other concern is the security of personal information, but Class Dojo guarantees data privacy and its safe utilization.

Decorate Your Classroom (5/5)

It should not take more than 20 minutes to set up and find out how to navigate the layout of Class Dojo. The website proposes some tutorials with system essentials. Teachers can decorate their classrooms with original Class Dojo symbols.

Communicating Teachers (4/5)

Teachers register on a website, add students, and invite parents into their class. Teachers also can send messages directly to a particular parent or general chat with parents. The latter sometimes contains so many messages that valuable information can be missed. Parent's interface shows the chart with the values their kid gained during some period. They also can see each child's account assigned.

Compatible Even With Interactive Whiteboards (5/5)

It's outstanding that Class Dojo is not only available on your desktop, Android and iOS devices, but can also be used on projectors and interactive whiteboards. This feature definitely adds points to the app.

We Recommend!

As stated on Class Dojo's website, their application is utilized by 90% of middle and elementary schools in America. Class Dojo reports 35 million users in almost 200 countries. We think you should download Class Dojo even just because it has projects with Stanford, Harvard, Yale Universities, and also used in Elon Musk's private school!

  • Easy to monitor the learning process
  • Points can be encouraging for some students
  • Is available on interactive whiteboards.
  • Negative assessment can go public
  • It's easy to miss information in common chats.

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