Backyard Landscaping Ideas

The warm weather season is now upon us. Fun in the sun, swimming, and outdoor activities are in. But, is it possible to successfully sell your home with all the summer heat? Well, selling your home when temperatures soar can be challenging, especially keeping your outside landscaping in tip-top shape.

Studies have shown that homes that have an attractive and well-maintained landscape have a better chance of getting the price you desire and then some.

Potential buyers expect to see your home in the best condition it can be. So taking the time to go the extra mile when it comes to your yard’s appearance is very important.

Adequately watering your lawn to keep it lush and green is vital for giving that inviting first impression so needed in today’s real estate market. Giving your lawn an adequate hand soaking with a hose, covering all the bare spots that your sprinkler may miss can help green it up during hot spells.

Remember to avoid mowing your lawn to close during the summer months. Always keep grass an extra inch above normal during the hot weather, to avoid “burning” the grass. A nice soaking immediately after you mow will help revive your lawn.

Try not to water your lawn, or any other plants and flowers too late in the evening. Watering at night can encourage growth of diseases and can threaten the appearance of your plants and lawn; making it difficult to keep that well-maintained appearance you need for an easy sale.
Brighten up your front entry with a few pots of annual flowers. Heat loving flowers like orange marigolds, petunias and a mixture of bright colored zinnias are great for a quick fix. Also available at most home improvement centers is already assembled arrangements in east to lift plastic pots to give some instant color to your yard wherever needed.

Always keep potted flowers watered well to prevent wilting. On particularly warm days, a saucer full of water underneath the pot will help the plants thrive in the scorching heat. To keep your flowers looking fresh and to ensure the healthy production of beautiful blooms, deadheading is most important. Using small pruning shears or sharp household scissors clip the dead blooms off or merely pinch off with your fingers. This will keep the flowers looking well groomed at all times. This procedure will also work with all your perennial flowering plants, bearing in mind that some perennials have a short blooming time.

During hot spells, some plants fail to bloom during this time, but it is still important to keep them watered and well groomed. Avoid severe pruning of hedges and shrubs during hot spells. This can cause browning at the top and sides where trimming was done.

Nothing says “stop and look” more than a beautifully landscaped front yard. Making a statement with form and color in the front yard will give you the edge you need in today’s competitive real estate market.