Compost Your Way to a Great Garden

One of the fastest ways to see your garden improve in both productivity and beauty is to starting learning how to make compost. Making great compost is probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in gardening. It’s really quite easy to make compost. But how?
When we first started out learning how to grow a garden one of the first things we learned about was making compost. There just seemed to be so much controversy about which method worked best though. Should we buy a plastic composter? Do they work? Do we need to aerate the compost? There just seemed to be so many questions.

After some thought we bought a simple plastic composting unit and we set to work making compost for our garden. All of our kitchen waste and grass clippings and leaves- everything that we thought would decompose went into the composter.

Well, the unit soon filled up and we had no room to put our kitchen scraps. What could we do now? We decided to buy another composting unit… and the same thing happened with it. We produced material for compost much faster than the unit could make it.

Our family decided that we need some help, so we started researching the subject of compost. What we found out about the composting process was rather interesting.

We discovered we should not put leaves in the composter; they break down with completely different bacteria forming a great garden additive called leaf mold. Sounds yucky, but it really helps. But back to how to make compost.

Also, we learned that the compost should be layered and garden soil added every now and then to keep the composter performing properly.
But the single most important thing we learned was that our goal of producing garden soil through composting was wrong. What we really should be setting our sights on is producing colloidal humus. A colloid is a mixture of solid and water that can be readily used by a plant as food. We discovered the secret to making great compost some time ago. Just follow the link for more information.

How to Make Your Own Compost

Making organic compost is well worth it in our estimation. Our garden has never looked better and best of all our health has improved dramatically.

It did turn out to be rather simple to make compost and just a slight shift in our goals and how we accomplished them made all the difference.