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TikTok - Make Your Day Review

Tik Tok is an application where users create, share, and watch short videos. Developed in China, it launched worldwide in 2018, 750 million users got this app. If this app caught your eye and think about whether to download Tik Tok, this article should help.

Lip-sync, Duet Singing – Challenge Accepted! (4/5)

Users can capture short videos, add music in the background mode (many samples are available for free), set the video speed, use filters, and stickers, and finally share the clip with the followers or leave it in the drafts. You can also upload a lip-sync clip or sing in a duet – when the two videos either go simultaneously or one is embedded into the other. This way, you can accept challenges – share songs, dances, and other videos that become viral and copied by others.

Like every social network, some Tik Tok review analysts report inappropriate content, so it is important to protect yourself from suggestive content or comments. This is especially crucial for teenagers' parents, so make sure to figure out the restricted mode to secure yourself from abusive videos and possibly lock the direct messaging.

Involving Video Feed (5/5)

There is an artificial intelligence algorithm behind the Tik Tok's recommendations, and the personalized feed is attracting you with instant playing videos. Trending, featured, comedy, and many more sections are helpful and easy to use.

Discover Something New and Creative (5/5)

It is quite simple to discover the content you are interested in (with keywords and hashtags) – even educational videos are available, so this is an excellent start to join the community. A beginner may get confused with the multiple options to tune clips, though the result will be artistic and of good-quality to leave you satisfied.
Once pressed, the React button adds popularity to the video. However, your video will not be promoted within the network based on the number of likes only.

Compatibility and Security (4/5)

Tik Tok is downloadable to any iOS or Android device, but it will not let you have two accounts on one device. Need to mention that at the beginning of 2020, Tik Tok was blamed for some security vulnerabilities; however, the company management commits to protect personal data.

We Recommend!

Being an international creative and fun video community with plenty of instruments to edit clips, Tik Tok still is controversial concerning its inappropriate and political content issues. Maybe after reading this review, you'll decide whether you want to download Tik Tok.

  • App features encourage interaction
  • Finding interesting content is easy
  • People can show their talents.
  • Political posts are censored
  • Content can be suggestive.