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imo video calls and chat HD Review

Imo video calls and chat HD is a simple and convenient mobile chat app that lets you avoid SMS and cell phone costs even when the Internet signal is relatively low. The app offers group messaging, video rooms, and a cloud storage solution for faster file sharing with your friends and colleagues.

Simple & Useful – 4/5

Although IMO lacks versatility a little bit, it also has some unique features. First of all, it lets you keep talking to people in circumstances when you have a low-quality Internet connection. This feature saves a lot of time when you’re on public transport or abroad. Video and audio rooms are limited to 6 members, which is not a lot, but enough if you don’t need to contact more people. Sharing capabilities include unlimited text messages and lets you send small files (in the HD version) or unlimited size (in the basic version).

You can even send a large uncompressed movie if you want! That’s something other messengers cannot offer. With premium plans, you can also get built-in cloud storage for quicker file sharing. The text chat member limit is 100,000 so that you can create immense informational chats even for a large company or a community of like minds.

Basic UI – 4/5

This app has an average messenger interface that’s easy to use, holding your phone in one hand. It’s very similar to WhatsApp and other popular apps. Unfortunately, there’s no way to change chat backgrounds for particular users and groups, so navigating between them may be a bit difficult if you chat within multiple chats simultaneously. On the other hand, all the features are easy to access. The app has very low system requirements, so it’s a great option for slow devices. 

Excellent Niche Solution – 4/5

IMO video calls and chat HD is a robust messaging solution for basic purposes, such as small group calls and chatting. But the best use of the app is for unlimited file sharing and direct sharing from the built-in cloud. Due to casual self-expression elements, it can become your favorite app for chatting with friends.

Cross-platform – 5/5

You can install the IMO app on your Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, making it a useful home, office, and on-the-go solution. The app runs well on all platforms and offers the same feature set.

We recommend!

Imo video calls and chat HD is an excellent messaging and file sharing solution for both average users and professionals. Although it’s not the most powerful video conferencing app, it’s much better than all other messengers when it comes to chatting and sharing of large files.

  • Up to 100,000 users per chat
  • Unlimited file size and format per message
  • Low-latency streaming needs less traffic.
  • Up to 6 people per video chat.

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