Mosquito Bites – Potential Hazard To Your Health

Do not be under any illusion that a Mosquito Bite is not serious because it can be deadly serious! The mosquito is a carrier of sometimes deadly diseases and it transmits those diseases through its “bite”. You really need to learn how to get rid of Mosquito Bites if you are attacked.

One of the best ways of how to get rid of Mosquito Bites is to get rid of the insects and their breeding grounds that cause the damage in the first place. Mosquitoes normally lay their eggs in and around stagnant or still water. Most of the common places are roof gutters, buckets, pet dishes and even flower vases. If it is necessary to keep water in any of these items, make sure they are covered so that the mosquitoes cannot get in.

Domestic Remedies For Mosquito Bites

Now you may not believe this but one of the most effective and certainly a very available remedy to get rid of Mosquito Bites, if you can catch them in the early stages, is a simple banana skin! All you need to do is peel the skin away from the banana and then rub the underside of the peel to the itchy area on your own skin. The itchiness should start to disappear after a minute or so and any swelling should also start to die down.

You can use the same method with an ordinary domestic onion, since this has anti-microbiological properties which, when applied to a Mosquito Bite, will help to stop both the swelling and redness surrounding the bite. If you rub an ice cube over the bite for a few minutes this will help cool the area and should prevent any itchiness.

You should always remember that if the Mosquito Bite is not treated quickly, the continual urge to scratch the itchiness will cause the bitten area to swell up. The home remedies solutions mentioned here are only meant to be used as a preliminary form of treatment.
If you start to feel nausea or vomiting, headaches or dizziness, this could be as a result of poison possibly injected through the bite. Don’t delay! Go and seek professional medical advice immediately.

It cannot be emphasised enough that prevention is better than cure, either in the form of wearing protective clothing when near mosquitoes, or by applying preliminary preventative treatment as soon as the first itchy signs of a Mosquito Bite is felt.

How to get rid of Mosquito Bites in itself is not too difficult as has been shown with the simple domestic remedies shown above and providing you can stop the itchy feeling as soon as it appears, you will minimise the risk of infection spreading from the actual bite itself. The phrase “once bitten twice shy” is probably very apt when it comes to learning how to get rid of Mosquito Bites!